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Land To See - Rural Tour


Concept and staging: Mellem Rum



Antonia Stäcker, Dance

Johanne Buus Andersen, Flute

Emily Wittbrodt, Cello

Set design: Johanne Buus Andersen

Costumes: Julie Hendel  

Director consultant: Isabelle Reynaud


Production: Johanne Buus Andersen

Production platform: AUT

Workshop: XYZ Studios


Photos: Anna Frida Sorgalla

Video: Klavs Kehlet

Trailer: Skæg og Ballade, Anna Frida Sorgalla, Johanne Buus Andersen


Thanks to Anna Vegrim Ryvænge, Marianne Jensen, Lene Christensen, Emilie Lund, Frederik Sakham, Thyge van Dassen and Ejner Miranda-Dam, Mikael and Dorte Tungelund, Henrik Meyer and Eva Jørgensen, Gitte and Ulrik Andersen. 

Cello, flute and dance in plastic experiments.

A fragmented reflection on security, chaos and stagnation. The ensemble interprets existential basic emotions in an intimate work, created around improvisation and shaped by a pandemic.

On stage are 4 black boxes and an old cassette player.
During the show's 40 min. the audience is invited into four different basic moods initiated by a speak from the cassette player:

Stop! // Distance. // Way too close
Where should i go // I can not just sit still ... or can I Where am I // At least i'm going somewhere

The first, “Safeplace”, represents the feeling of security, well-being and the predictable. Flute, Johanne Buus, and Cello, Emily Wittbrodt, embrace each other in poetic sounds and melodic lines and offer gentle movements.

In the second, “In Between,” is a waiting mood of uncertainty and tense unpredictability. The three performers await the impulses of the moment and zap around between ideas and expressions, interrupting each other and no one knows where we are going or what we can expect from the journey.

“Overflow” is dominated by the scenography's boxes and tape player. Directed by the mechanical click of the cassette player, the black boxes are organized around the room, spread out, built up and down again. A feverish attempt to keep order in an eternal chaos.

The fourth basic mood, "Exposure", focuses on the detail. In the middle of the stage, exhibited, exposed and completely alone, Antonia Stäcker sits and begins to
play with the spotlight. In a hand dance, the ensemble is reunited and together finds its way back to security.

Through transparent fields in the sea blue costumes, the audience gets a glimpse into the performers' naked skin. This immediate vulnerability contrasts with the hard edges of the scenography and is broken by the beautiful classical instruments.

The scenography is minimally designed so that the performance can play without power access and can be adapted to diverse spaces.

The performance has previously been performed at a Lighthouse, a Circle Stage, a slaughterhouse and an old Malt Factory.


June 2021


Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft, DK   - Open Samples


Maltfabrikken, Ebeltoft, DK   - Preview


Black Circle Stage, Holstebro, DK   - Premiere

July 2021


Bovbjerg Lighthouse, Lemvig, DK   - Outdoor performance

September 2021


Orkesterefterskolen, Holstebro, DK   - Open Samples

Land To See is supported by: 

Municipality of Aarhus
Syddjurs Municipality
Færch Foundation
The Jutland Art Foundation
Cultural Consultation Lemvig.

October 2021


Slagteriet, Holstebro, DK   - Performance + Q&A


The 3rd Room, Aarhus, DK   - Performance + Q&A

March 2022


Neslandsvatn Station, NO  - Performance + Q&A



Michael Franke, Bonn, DE   - Performance + Q&A

TANZ Braunschweig, DE   - Performance + Q&A

Land To See - Video work 
Premiered September 30, 2021
Filmed and edited by Klavs Kehlet.

Can be ordered for showing in its full length by appointment.


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