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We are Between Spaces

Mellem Rum is an interdisciplinary ensemble that works at the intersection between sound and movement.

Antonia is Mellem Rums Butoh expert, with her great interest in Japanese dance and culture. She has studied and performed with Butoh companies in Japan and Germany, and with a humble attitude to the Butoh art, she leads the ensemble's physical experiments.

Emily is of great value to the ensemble with her broad knowledge of the contemporary music scene. With roots in a combination of contemporary music, composition and jazz improvisation, she contributes with great ingenuity and a playful approach.

Johanne is the ensemble's artistic director and coordinator, and this project is a culmination of personal interests and artistic ambitions. With a background in the repertoire of classical and folk music, one feels a clear preference for melodic lines of all kinds.

With a combination of movement, improvisation and focus on the interplay between musicians and the audience, Mellem Rum draws a common thread between Butoh and musical improvisation.

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