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In Between Spaces - Pilot project


Concept and staging: 

Antonia Stäcker

Johanne Buus Andersen

Anna Vegrim Ryvænge

Emily Wittbrodt



Antonia Stäcker, Dance

Johanne Buus Andersen, Flute

Anna Vegrim Ryvænge, Guitar

Emma Annacha Axelsson, Cello (sub.)

Costumes: Johanne Buus Andersen


Production: Johanne Buus Andersen


Photos: Kio Ng Jørgensen

Video: Johanne Buus Andersen


Thanks to Henrik Knarborg Larsen, Sylvia Heyden and Thyge van Dassen. 

"Through music and dance, frustration is expressed as a process of liberation that makes you think and feel differently."
- Thea Egestrand, Kulturmagasinet Vink

The work "In Between Spaces" is built up through improvisation and inspired by the Japanese dance art form Butoh, which is a common term for a wide range of techniques that often involve playful and frontier-seeking imagery, taboo subjects and slow hyper-controlled movements.


The form of the work is created on the basis of a basic idea of four spaces, where the word "space" is to be understood as an abstract "space" without walls or doors. In each of these rooms there is a basic atmosphere, which is determined and thoroughly prepared in advance. From this basic mood, the improvisations grow.

The work thus consists of four scenes, the content of which is chosen based on the artists' own experiences of a life in a distinctly performing society. Experiences such as musicians, young people, people, women, and artists are fundamental elements of the improvisations.

The four scenes each deal in their own way with a feeling of being lost between decisions, of struggling to surrender to the present and the process, as well as a constant search for oneself and a place where one can finally let go completely.

Four emotional snapshots marked with four headlines:
1) In Between 
2) Overflow 
3) Safeplace 
4) Exposure 

The audience is invited to dive into four rooms, four emotional snapshots, one by one, experience the atmosphere and get carried away, as if to go into a hurlumhejhus where each room in its own way is a mirror hall of ourselves and that society we are part of.


August 2019


Musikhuset, Aarhus, DK   - Premiere


The Jutland Conservatory of Music, Aarhus, DK   - Workshop


Neighbor Kiosk, Aarhus, DK   - Pop-up Performance

In Between Spaces was supported by:
Aarhus Municipality's Cultural Development Pool

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